Haley Harris

"May you always do what you're afraid to do."

Describe something you did yesterday

I didn't really do anything, except go to my mom's work and helped serve lunch there and clean up after. Then we went to Arby's and ate lunch. The rest of the day I stayed home listening to music and did nothing.
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Something that you do well

I think I can draw pretty good, I like to draw/sketch and paint. I also like to take pictures of different things. People also tell me that I can write really good.
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Something about your childhood

i remembered one time when I was at Old Navy and cut open the side of my finger. There was blood everywhere and I had to go to the hospital and get a thing on my finger.
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Something you learned last week

I don't really remember learning anything last week, I had exams so I didn't really learn at all.
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Something you can't live without

It would probably be my phone because I am always on it and I have like everything on my phone. I also can talk to my best friend, that lives in Ohio so that's also why i'm always on it. Another reason is because it has my music on it.
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Something you love to watch/listen to

I like upbeat songs, I just like the beat to most of them because it motivates me. I don't really watch that much TV. If I had to pick a show then it would probably be crime shows.
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Something you dislike, not a person

I don't like when people ask for your opinion on something or about a question and then don't listen to your opinion or do what you said.