Class Meeting: GRIT

Week of September 19th - 23rd

Kinder - 2nd Grade

Start off your class meeting by reviewing your Character Lab Poster for Grit.

Talk to students about how they can show grit by:

  • Finishing what you start.
  • Working through challenges.
  • Learning from our mistakes.
  • Asking for help when we are struggling.

Watch the video link above, and then facilitate the following questions.

1. What kinds of wonderful things did the people in video accomplish? (Graduating from school, creating art work, winning a race, etc.)

2. Do you think they were really good at it (whatever your focus is, i.e. running the race, etc.) right away, or did they need to practice?

3. Do you think that they sometimes messed up before they got things right?

4. What is something that was hard for you at first, but later you became an expert with?

5. What is something that you are going to have to show grit with this year?

3rd -5th Grade

Start off your class meeting by reviewing your Character Lab Poster for grit.

Ask students for examples of what they think GRIT is.

Have the students watch the video link above. Facilitate discussion with the questions below.

1. Why do you think that Derrick Redmond is a great example of grit?

2. What other traits do you think Redmond showed by crossing the finish line? Do you think you have to have other traits, such as courage, to have grit?

3. In what ways can you show grit here at school?

4. How can we show grit outside of school?

5. What is an area where you need to show more grit?

Teachers: Grit For You!

Here is an excellent video from Dr. Angela Duckworth from Character Lab!

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary