Digestive System

By: Katlyn Faglie, Julieta Carillo and Ethan Hailey

Digestive systems main purpose

The main purpose of the digestive system is for it to break down food into smaller parts and get nutrients out of those foods.

How the digestive system works.

The Digestive System starts when food is being chewed in the mouth. From there it goes down the esophagus to the small intestine. As food passes through the GI tract and mixes with digestive juices that helps break down into smaller molecules. The walls of the small intestine then absorb the small molecules and place them into the blood stream. Then the blood stream spreads these molecules thought the rest of the body. Then the waste passes through the large intestine and comes out the body as a solid matter.

Dieases withen the digestive system.

Jaundice- Literally means "Yellow" in French. yellowing of the skin in whites of the eyes from a backup of bile metabolic by-products from the blood into body tissues.

Peritonitis- inflammation of the lining of abdominal cavity.

Esophageal- bulging, engorged veins in the walls of the esophagus.

Digestive system and Respatory system

These two systems are the same because the results of respiratory allow the digestive tract to function, and vice versa. They also work together to provide energy to body cells.

Digestive system involves eating and the Respatory system involves breathing.

maintaining optimal health in Digestive system

there is multiple steps to keep your digestive system at optimal health here is just a few. Eat your fruits and veggies, they're packed with important vitamins and minerals. getting plenty of fiber keeps you GI tract "regular". eating mindfully is just as important as what you eat, eat slowly, stop eating when you feel, and avoid eating just before bedtime.