What are Sponges ?

Sponges are organism that have bodies full of pores . allowing water to circulate through them.They are multicellular {}

COllar cells: sweep food into the sponge

Osculum: pumps water out of the sponge

they dong move they are hermaphroditic ( have male and female sexual organs

there colors protects them from harmful UV rays (Ms Sardar)

they are able to control water in them

How are sponges important to humans and Animals

Sponges are important to humans because humans can use it for cleaning and making craft, bathing ,polishing, washing cars,walls, furniture etc .they are also important to other creature . They create a protective house for animals like small fishes ,crustaceans.By being protected the sponges can also provide food supply from the water circulations through them.Even the skeleton of some sponges can be used as a decoration piece, and commercial value. {Ms Sardar}

How will Animals be effected if without sponges?

Some animals depend on sponges for food and shelter.Without sponges coral reefs wouldn't survive in the ocean deep (Ms Sardar). Some animals would lose their home and food.

How will humans be affected without sponges

If there is no sponges some medicine would not be made which means some humans will die. because sponges also can be used as an important source of certain drugs with antibiotic and cancer -inhibiting properties. some Humans only have sponges to clean stuff with . without the sponge what are they going to use to clean with if they can only use sponges .

where Can you find Sponges ?

you can find sponges in stores .99% of sponges live in marine water , but some live in freshwater . they can attach to the surfaces anywhere as deep as 8 km in the ocean or the deep ocean. they mostly love to live in clear waters over musky waters formed by currents.


Feeding Patterns

Sponges mostly eat or feed on bacteria and small organic particles that they filter from sea water being pumped through their internal chambers . there is about 80% of all water-borne bacteria are removed on a single passage through a sponge

Climate Change

The sea sponges microbes are at risk with the high Temperature , its causing them to break down 33oc. because of the climate change Many animals may not have homes and may even die like black basslet will be extinct

Why should you care ?

You are reading this because these sponges are may seem not important but they are to humans , animals and ecosystem as you have seen they are used in many ways both by animals and humans. So try and not put pollution or human activity's in the ocean because you are effecting many animals for example fish and sponges
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