The New World Trade Center

The Foundation

  • The new WTC building will stand 1,776 feet tall-to represent the year of our nations independence-making it the tallest building in the United States.
  • The concrete being used can stand pressure up to 3x more than the concrete usually used in NYC buildings.
  • More than 45,000 tons of steel will be used for the building.
  • A 408 foot antenna stands at the top of the tower.

The Floors

  • Floors 1-19 will be the base of the tower.
  • 20-63 & 65-88 will hold offices.
  • Floor 64 is a sky lobby.
  • 89-99 & 103-104 include the mechanics of the building.
  • 100-102 is available for public space in the tower.
  • At 1,368 feet there will be a glass enclosure. This is the same height as the former WTC tower.

Inside the WTC Building

  • There is 2.6 million square feet in the building.
  • The total cost of the building is $3.6 billion. Making the cost $1,200/square foot.
  • Inside, the building contains 71 elevators.