Meranda Dawkins

My lesson plans can be adapted for any student age group because I have set high standards for my students. I feel that if I present information and procedures clearly and on a developmentally appropriate level, students of any age can interpret the lesson in their own creative style.

The majority of the lessons I present are done so by way of video demonstrations that I present in class. I am a believer in the flipped classroom model and have been employing a modified version of the teaching model since 2012.

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Picasso Self-Portraits

Digital Shadows

Monster Attack

Clay Animal Masks

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School Wide Halloween Collaboration

This was our very first collaboration. Every student painted on posterboard and we used their paintings for our Halloween costumes. We were dressed as a collaboration.
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3rd Grade Winter Wonderland

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Artist Statements

Students write about their work in the online gallery at

NAEA Flipped Classroom Presentation

"Flipping Art"

(Download the presentation to view the presenter notes)

San Diego, March 2014 presentation at the NAEA National Convention

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