The Magical Chef Adventure

By Julia Paraskevas, Jasmine Sampson, and Paige Daniels

The World of Common Day

There once was a teenager named Nicole. She came from a long history of bakers and chefs. The only problem is that she can't bake or cook! She was currently attempting to make a cake, but it ended up looking more like pudding.
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The Call to Adventure

She was struggling with her cake when a there was a flash of light and a chef appeared right in her kitchen! He looked from her to her cake and laughed, and then told her that someone from her family chain of chefs was needed in another realm of food, where an evil chef needed to be defeated.
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Refusal of the Call

At first Nicole thought that sounded like an awesome idea, but then she realized how terrible at baking she was, and sadly refused. The chef looked at her sadly and said, "Well, do you have any siblings? I need someone from your family chain." she replied, "I'm an only child and I am currently home alone." "Well then," he said, "your coming with me." She shook her head and said, "No really trust me I am a terrible...," but before she could finish she was whisked away to a magical land where everything was either food or made of food.
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Meeting with the Mentor

As they appear at the magical land, Nicole was amazed. "Welcome my friend, welcome," said the magical chef. When Nicole came back to reality, she freaked and said, " What the... how did get here and where am I. Listen here mister but I don't think you know who you're messing with!" Amused by Nicole, the magical chef replied with, " My name is Frito and we are in the land of Cookinglandia. I am going to teach you the ways of cooking to defeat Monsieur Zucchini."

Test,Friends and Enemies

The entire week Nicole and Frito were preparing for the battle against Monsieur Zucchini. Frito gathered some of his friends, that were very delighted to help Nicole save her family. Each of Frito's helpers taught her how to read cook books, measure ingredients, how to use an oven and stove properly, and the fundamental spices and herbs. She received many cooking challenges and during one challenge evil vegetables came and tried to steal the cook books but Frito's friends and a group of muffins, cookies, and ice creams helped her get the books back. Each new chef that she met tested her on something new, and afterwards if she succeeded, they would join her on her journey and provide her with a whatever knowledge they could (which was usually in the form of a cook book) to help her. Soon Nicole had become a master at baking and was feeling very confident in herself.

Approach to the Inmost Cave

At the end of the week Nicole had enough knowledge to finally bake but not cook. She also had gathered an army of sweets to help her defeat Monsieur Zucchini. Nicole was relying on her cook books to help her win at the end of the challenge. One day Nicole and her new friends went out to practice baking and came back to an empty spot where the books used to be. "The cooking books! Oh no what are we going to do," cried Nicole. She was devastated. Nicole had lost all faith in herself and just wanted go home and leave Cookinglandia. That night she cried herself to sleep wishing she had the knowledge of the cook books with her to comfort her.

Supreme Ordeal - Climax

Nicole awoke in the middle of the night to someone making noise nearby. She grabbed a large wooden spoon and quietly made her way towards whatever was causing the ruckus. She gasped as she saw that it was none other than Frito, holding all of the cooking books! At that moment she realized that the person whom she had thought to be her friend and mentor had really stolen the books and was a fraud! "How could you? I thought you were my friend, not my enemy!" she yelled at him. Now that he had all the cookbooks, he could control all foods and would be the Supreme Chef. Monsieur Zucchini ordered the foods to attack Nicole, but instead they quickly joined up with Nicole. The foods and Nicole used their skills and magic to create a giant oven. Nicole then whipped up a magical cake that swallowed Monsieur Zucchini whole before jumping into the oven.
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Reward - Seizing the Prize

While everybody was celebrating Monsieur Zucchini's defeat, Nicole was worried about where the cookbooks were. She told everyone about her concern, and the celebration ceased as everyone set out around the area to search for the books. They searched around the oven several times until they realized that they had slid underneath it! She brought them back to everybody to announce that the books had been found and Cookinglandia had been saved!. The books were then combined to make one supreme cookbook for everybody to enjoy.
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The Road Back - Falling Action

Everybody in the land decides that Nicole should become handler of the book. The ceremony was to begin at sundown, and everyone was running around getting ready for the event. As sundown was approaching, Nicole began to feel a bit nervous and homesick."I don't know if I can do this," said Nicole nervously."You will always be ready. Everybody believes that you can do it and we believe in you." said her new friends. It is finally sundown and the ceremony was about to begin. As Nicole was walking up the steps to be given the supreme cookbook, someone's kitchen timer went off. The dinging sound repeated over and over again as Nicole's vision blurred and everything went black...
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Return with Elixir

Nicole suddenly awoke up in her bed at home to the sound of her alarm dinging loudly. She sat up in bed, and felt as if she had been asleep for many days. As she got up and started getting ready, she felt as if she'd had a dream last night, but she couldn't quite grasp what it was about. She decided to attempt to make herself some cupcakes, and as she walked over to her bookshelf to grab her mother's old recipe book, she found that there was a new cookbook on the shelf that she somehow recognized. She grabbed the book and knew exactly what page to flip to, and those were the best cupcakes she had ever made.
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