Abraham Maslow

By: Shelby Baatz

Maslow is known for his groundbreaking studies on personality and motivation and his concepts such as: self-actualization, peak experience and synergy.

As he grow older he continued to write and kept up-to-date with his studies. He published a book titled "Motivation and Personality" in 1954

Background Information

Abraham was born on April 1st, 1908 and passed away on June 8th, 1970 at the ripe ole age of 62.

in 1928, he fell in love with his cousin Bertha and soon got married. They eventually gave life to 2 children.

He attended college at City College of New York, then attended Cornell, followed by the University of Wisconsin and Columbia University.

On the morning of June 8th, 1970 he went for a jog and was struck with a heart attack and passed away shortly following it.