How To Maintain Your New Equipment


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Were available to order your protective gear when you need it. When working with various equipment, protection is the best way to go. We can order anything from helmets with AM/FM radio with hearing protection, eye protection, boots, socks, or insoles, chaps, and even various gloves for your comfort, safety and much more.

How To Care For Your New Machine!

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For 2 stroke engines like chainsaws and some trimmers we suggest mixing 50:1 Husqvarna Oil Mixture with High test fuel. The Husqvarna oil mixture has additives that allow the machine to run more efficient while adding High test fuel which runs cooler.

We suggest using Husqvarna Bar oil which keeps the chain protected longer. We carry summer weight and winter weight for this application.

For Small and Large Equipment we suggest doing a oil change and tune up twice a year.

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