Peter The Great

BY: Chris Borgese

Peter the Emperor

Peter Alekseyevich, or better known as Peter the Great ruled Russia from 1682 to his death. From the day he began his reign as emperor he was said to put Russia on the road of becoming a great modern power of the world. He was not a very educated man with a mindset of modernization. Although he was Modernizing the country he did not do it in a very kind matter as he is said to not have any mercy for those that no longer followed his new rule. This also showing how forceful of a ruler he was. Although he could be quite forceful ruler at times he also had a very curious side to him as he traveled the world. He was dedicated to the better of the country and extremely motivated as he fought many battles and risked his life for the country. He was also very curious as he traveled to Western Europe to learn all about mathematics and science. He was a unique ruler.