The Sun

By: Dhara Shelat

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Some Extra Information About the Sun

  • A star
  • Helps support life on Earth
  • No solid surface
  • Lights and heats up our world
  • The sun's core is over 15 million degrees celsius
  • The sun is actually blue
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Physical Features

  • The solar atmosphere
  • Sunspots- slightly cooler and darker areas that cause magnetic energy
  • Solar Flares- bursts of radiation caused by magnetic energy
  • Solar Flares can cause radio blackouts
  • About 149,000,000 km or 92,000,000 mi away from Earth
  • Almost 110 times diameter of Earth
  • More than 1 million Earth's can fit inside of the sun
  • There is currently more solar activity than before
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Movement of the Sun

  • The sun revolves, or spins, on its axis
  • No solid surface so different parts of the sun revolve at different times
  • Middle completes 1 revolution every 25 days while poles and axis completes 1 every 36 days
  • Orbits center of Milky Way galaxy which is believed to be a huge black hole

Location of the Sun

  • Orbited by 8 planets, at least 5 dwarf planets, thousands of asteroids, and over 3 trillion comets
  • 26,000 light years away from the center of the galaxy
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