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Notes from Ms. Froemming--December 6, 2015

Hour of Code!

This week, all PACE students will be participating in an Hour of Code during one of their PACE classes! During the Hour of Code, PACE students will have a chance to learn more about computer coding and practice different coding activities. A few grade levels participated in last year's event, and I'm so excited that all grades will be participating this year!

Please take a look at the schedule below to know which day your child will be participating during PACE. If you choose, your child is allowed to "bring their own device" that day for the Hour of Code activities. (As long as the child has a "BYOD" permission form on file in their regular classroom.) Please note that tablets and laptops work best for what we are going to do. Smartphones do NOT work as well. Also, bringing a device is completely optional. Classroom laptops, as well as my own iPad and laptop, will also be available for student use.

1st Grade--Monday

2nd Grade--Tuesday

3rd Grade--Wednesday

4th Grade A (Murugesan & Sewell)--Tuesday

4th Grade B (Burke & Hill)--Tuesday

5th Grade--Tuesday

For more information, please visit the Hour of Code website here:

Hour of Code

TAGT Free Online Course for Teachers and Parents!

The Texas Association of Gifted and Talented (TAGT) is offering a free online course for teachers AND PARENTS entitled, "Moving Past Perfectionism & Procrastination". It is one of their most popular courses, so I wanted to pass along the information in case any of you are interested. Just click on the link below!

Moving Past Perfectionism & Procrastination

What We're Up To...

1st Grade: Last week, the first grade PACE students read the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. They used their knowledge to create snowflakes out of pattern blocks, making sure the snowflakes were symmetrical and had 6 branches. Students also "made snow" using a polymer that expands when water is added. This week, students will use the same book to discuss facts, opinions, and biographies.

2nd Grade: The second graders continue to be able to do more and more with the Microworlds program. This week, they will learn to add music to their animation, as well as change the size of the pictures in their programs.

3rd Grade: The third grade PACE students are right in the middle of the Astronomy unit. We've moved on from the Life Cycle of a Star and are now in the midst of learning more about the classification of stars using spectral charts. Ask your third grader if they remember what stars are the hottest according to the spectral chart, as well as what a star's magnitude indicates! Bonus points if they can tell you the difference between "magnitude" and "apparent magnitude".

4th Grade: Science Fiction often becomes Science Fact! This will continue to be the theme of the next couple of weeks as the fourth graders learn more about artificial intelligence (including Watson, the amazing Jeopardy-playing computer) and Jules Verne's amazing fictional predictions that eventually came true.

5th Grade: This week, the fifth graders will debate different cases involving the 1st and 4th Amendments. Each group needed to prepare both sides of the case, as they won't know which side they are arguing until the day of the debate! From there, we will be moving into Intellectual Property law, including topics like copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

Happy Holidays!!

This holiday season, I am so thankful for your wonderful kids! I am so lucky to be able to hang out with each of them every week.

If I don't see you before Winter Break, enjoy the time off! I hope all of you have a safe, relaxing, and fun break--full of good food, happy cheer, and time with family and friends!

Thanks for reading!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi! Email is the best way to communicate with me.

Kelly Froemming

PACE Specialist, Wells Elementary