Around the world


25,000 a day die from hunger,

One person every 3.5 seconds that means,

Unfortunately we’re losing more children,

Who never get to fulfill their dreams.

CHORUS: Poverty, is in our world,

Poverty, taking the lives of boys and girls,

Poverty, breaking families apart,

Poverty, lets make a change, lets start!

Plenty of food and water for all,

Yet poverty continues to strike,

Another life takes the fall,

Too sick to work or play,

The biggest hope is to see another day.


Disease strikes again,

Killing over 4 million,

Pnumonia to TB,

It costs less then our cup of coffee to keep this away,

But still today…


Twenty two countries have pledged for a change,

It takes little less then 1% of the national wage,

To help these people start a new page,

We need to be the reason,

and help the fight,

We need to keep their future as our goal and in sight!