Welcome to Botswana

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Botswana is a landlocked country twice the size of Arizona. Botswana has a sub-tropical climate, the rainy seson is through out the summer seasons starting in october-march the peak of the rain is in January wich has swiche to febuary over the last couple of years, winter is may-agust, usaly in the summer its around 32 deegrees C and in the winter its usaly 21 deegrees C. Natural resorces are dimonds, copper, nickel, salt, coal, cilver, and iorn ore. Gaborone is Botswanas capital. The Okavango and Cubango Rivers are the most poular rivers. Kalahari Desert is a large savanna in southern africa. Okavango Delta is a large outland delta where tho Okavango river is. The desertfication is taking the grass for cows away andthat makes them unhealthy and will not feed the southerners.


1966- Indapendance from Great Brittain
1961- Britain made a constitution

1966- Chad got its independence from Great Britain

1999- Suffered its first budget deficit

1997- After 17 years ruling Botswana President Ketumile Masire retired


In Botswana they celebrate New Years, Good Friday, Easter, labour Day, Ascension Day, Sri Seretse Khama Day, Presidents Day, Botswana Day, and Christmas. People in Botswana speak English and Tswana language. Their ethnic groups are Tswana, Kalanga, Basaraw, and Bushmen. The majority of Botswana claim them selfs as Christian so they have a Christian religion.

Botswana National Anthyom

Hymne national du Botswana


Botswana has a Parliamentary Government. This type of government has a Legislature that is like a democratic republic. It has 2 branches, the legislative branch that makes the laws, and the have a executive branch that approves the laws, and of course a president.


Botswana people make most money off of art such as pots, paintings, and weaving. Botswana's main industry is the mineral industry. There imports is foodstuff, machinery, electrical goods, textiles, fuel, wood, paper products, and metal. There exports are diamonds, copper, nickle, meat, textiles.

Top 5 Places to Visit

5- Okavango River

4- Cubango River

3- Kalahari Desert

2- Gaborone (Botswana Capital)

1- Okavango Delta