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Page Rules

Welcome! This Facebook group page is for Origami Owl Designers, Team
UN-Believable. (Erin Hernandez's downline) Our group page is a resource for our team members to post ideas, success stories, photos, and encourage, motivate and inspire each other.

Before you post THINK!

T- Is it True?

H- Is it Helpful?

I- Is it Inspiring?

N- Is it Necessary?

K- Is it Kind?

This group page is meant to be a forum for you to ask questions, but does not substitute you looking the answer up yourself, or contacting your Mentor.

Before you post questions:

1. Check your Backoffice that is the most likely place to have the answer or search our team’s Dropbox

2. Do a Facebook search within our group by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on the right and typing in some keywords to your question.

3. Reach out to your Mentor.

If you have done all of these things and still need an answer, please feel free to post your question.

-All posts that sound negative are subject to being removed. This includes any posts or comments that contain the words or derivative of the words: Frustrate, Discourage, angry, and/or Vent. Grunting is also not accepted, and any posts or comments containing UGH, ARGH, or GRR will be removed. Negative posts take away from the purpose of the page, which is to help and encourage. This page is not a sounding board to vent, but your Mentor is there for you if you do feel the need to let out your frustrations. Please be sure to contact her, when you need to vent, so she may help

you with the issue you are dealing with or feel free to contact me.

-No self promoting of other direct sales businesses that you represent.

-No posting of direct sales parties that you are hosting on our group page.

-No posting to inquire about the sale/swap of merchandise, unless an item is on backorder or retired. It is against Policy and Procedure. (Section 7, page 24)

-Please do not post photos, files or links to items that may be subject to disapproval by Origami Owl's Marketing Department or are against Origami Owl's Policy & Procedures for using their Trademark & Copyright (Section 4.2.4 page 5) For example, Tee shirts with company logo, flyers, graphics, etc. To see complete list of what items need to be approved, please refer to Policy and Procedures. (Section 4.2, page 4) Please do not question Designers if her post is compliant or has it been approved by Marketing. We do not want the Designer to feel attacked by her own team members.

-Above all, please be kind to each other. We all chose to become Independent Designers in our own will, and we all have the common goal to use Origami Owl as a way to enhance and change our lives.

Thank you for being part of Team UN-Believable! I truly hope this page is a wonderful resource and tool for you as an Independent Designer, and I wish you much luck and success in your journey.

**Rules and guidelines are subject to change, to abide by revisions made to the P&P.**

Designer Care - how to contact them

Phone- 888.491.0331 7am-7pm MST

Email- Go to then at the bottom of the page click on CONTACT US and fill out the contact form.

Address- 410 S Benson Lane Ste. 1
Chandler, AZ 85224

Frequently used links

Team Dropbox: this is an online file sharing system

Policy and Procedures:

Exchange/Replacement Form: (address for these to be sent to changed as of 11/13/2013 new address is ...)
Origami Owl
Returns Department
500 N. 54th Street
Chandler, AZ 85226

Missing Items Form:

Product Knowledge (called Points of Difference and tells what the jewelry is made out of)

Business Cards:

OO Snap! Trubies have skillz (facebook photo sharing page):

Training Video Links (password for all videos is: ootraining )

Your Designer Landing Page:

Placing a Wholesale Order:

Order Summary Page:

Creating a New Jewelry Bar:

Jewelry Bar Assistant:

How to Place a Jewelry Bar Order:

Enrolling New Recruits:

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Business Materials Cheat Sheet

Item # Description Price

SA7003 Fall 2013 Take Out Menu $ 12.00

MT1002 Order Forms $ 7.00

MT1005 Postcard Invitations $ 5.00

MT1003 Jewelry Bar Planners $ 5.00

PG8003 Customer Packaging $ 9.00

SA3000 Living Locket Cleaner Kits $ 8.00

MT1004 Thank You Cards $ 5.00

SA2007 Pens - pack of 3 $ 6.00

PG8001 Charm Case $ 5.00

SA2004 Clipboard/Binder $ 8.00

Company sponsored incentives

Want to know what Origami Owl is rewarding their Designers with? Check out

Contact ME

Please never feel that you are bothering me. I am here to help you grow your business whether you are doing this part-time or full-time or just some of the time. Whatever your goals are I want to help you reach them.

My cell phone # is 1.817.243.8224 feel free to call or text

My email is

My Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8am-2pm & 6pm-10pm
Sat 12-5pm & Sun I will be available for immediate emergency only situations (cst)