2nd Grade News

Friday, January 6th, 2017

PTO Updates

  1. The PTO is in need of a treasurer. The PTO uses Quick Books and will support whomever would come on board. Preference would be for the position to be filled by the same person this year and next, but if only the remainder of this year is the option, that can work as well.
  2. Top Cycle Tuesday- January 17th Don't forget to send in your boxtops.
  3. CRES Fest. We are in need of a chair for this event. There are sub committees already at work. There is also a need for volunteers to make calls to businesses that have donated in the past asking the business to donate again this year. This is not a difficult job but needs lots of support from volunteers. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer.
  4. Next Open Forum is 2.07.17 at 7:00.


Behavior Log- The kids are really adjusting to the log. I've noticed that we already have more time for teaching and learning. We had a great week back!

Reading/Math Log- Please try and make this a fun thing for the kids. They can play math games, have silly problems, read to siblings, anything to make it work at your house. I know homework can sometimes be stressful, but I don't want it to be. There are so many things that can be learning experiences. Now that we are doing money you can count coins while you are checking out at McDonals. Any reading and math is allowed. Thank you for your help at home!

Next Week

Math: Students are doing a great job determining the value of different collections of coins. Students that still need help in this area will work on counting coins next week. Those that have mastered counting coins will work on comparing coins and adding and subtraction money. The kids love using Tangible math to practice the money. There are tons of free coin apps available for the iPads too. If you would like plastic coins please let me know and I will send some home.

Reading: We are going to continue to work with FairyTales next week. We will do some comparing and contrasting of different versions. We will then dig deep into characters and look at point of view.

Writing: We are going to be writing fractured fairy tales or fables with alternate endings and points of view.