by Cody Holden and Carson

7. Animals!

herbivore-camel-It can go over 7 days without water.

carnivore-snake-It moves through the ground to attack.

omnivore-lizards-They blend into the surface or ground.

9. 3 natural resources

1. sand

2. oil

3. great winds

10. 2-3 threats

1. The heat-it affects the animals by making the animals over heat.

2. The lack of animals. (Add more food to attract more animals.)

3. Lack of food. (Plant more plants to attract more animals and more food.)

4. Sand Storms.

11. 1-2 facts interesting to the biome

1. The lack of animals makes it a good place to live when no predators are not getting after you.

2. The lack of people makes it peaceful so no one can take your possessions.