Crimean War

Emma Smith

When was the Crimean war?

The Crimean War took place from February 1853 until March 30 1856

95,000 people died during this war

What was the Crimean War? What were the things that caused it?

The Crimean War was fought between Russian forces and allied armies of Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) and Sardinia.

The causes of War included religious, commercial and strategic rivalries among Britain, France, and Russia and political rivalries between France and Russia in Europe

Who was important in the Crimean War?

Alexander 11, tsar of Russia 1855-1881

Nicholas I , tsar of Russia from 1825 to 1855.

Where was the Crimean War fought?

Crimean, a peninsula that extends from what is now southern Ukraine, and that is where most of the war was fought.

How did the Crimean War end?

The Treaty of Paris was signed March, 30 1836 and that ended the war. It forced Russia to give up some territory it had taken from the Ottoman Empire and forbade warships and forts around the Black Sea
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