Ms. Perez's Newsletter

Week of Monday, August 31st

Room 205

One week down! The students did great with the new rules and procedures. We will continue to practice them. I'm excited for our first library day this week. Please encourage your child to bring their books home every night.

Thursday, September 3

PTO meeting...12pm PC Library


  • Please remember to have your child at morning assembly by 7:40am. Morning assembly is a great way to start our day together as a class family.
  • If your child is buying their lunch, make sure to practice their lunch code.
  • Make sure to check and initial their daily folder for behavior notes and school/community information.
  • Check their blue Homework folder for any assignments. Remember all homework is given Monday and due Thursday with the exception of spelling tests, which will be administered on Friday.

First Week of Math

This week we dive into geometry. Students look at two-dimensional figures and their attributes. We define polygon and label shapes based on the number of sides and vertices. Example: a triangle has three sides and three vertices, a pentagon has five sides and five vertices.


What is a scientist? What do scientists do? This week we tackle this question along with our first look at matter and it's properties. We discuss how we use our five senses to make and record observations.


This week we focus on plus and minus zero. Remember when adding and subtracting zero we don't need to use our brain because the answer is always the same.

Fluency assessment will be administered on Friday. It will be a timed assessment.


In Workshop, readers think about what they are reading by wondering, predicting, or reacting.

Our reading skill will focus on sequencing events in a story.


In Workshop, students will generate writing ideas.

Our Word Work/Phonics will review short "a" and "i" sounds in the CVC pattern.

In grammar we are identifying a complete sentence or a fragment.