cities are horrible places to live in industrial era

one reason life was hard in cities

the firts reason life in the cities were hard was the living envioments. they were dark cramped porly built and badly ventalated and a whole family had to live in one. up to twenty familys shared the same toilet qand water pump. may diseases were sread by this nastyness. in 1842 aperson from manchester would be lucky if they lived for more than 17 years.

second reason......

cities were built around factories which means the people in those houses would get smoked out by the factory scome whitch would be bad for your lungs.


people did not have houses if you were a orphine or homeless you would live on the streets or you make a tent and eat out of trash cans..

the end.....kinda..

the industrial era was hard but within the next 50 years peoples lives and living conditions got a lot better.