Jamie L. Hall

About Me

My name is Jamie Hall and I am active duty serving in the United States Air Force. I joined the Air Force in 2008. In 2009, I got married to my husband, Joshua, who is also in the Air Force. In 2010, my daughter Jade was born. In 2011, my son Jacob was born. In 2012 I started attending online college. We are currently stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland and are expecting our third child in June of this year. Our family also has one dog, Jayce, and one cat, Jinx.

I just recently completed my Community College of the Air Force Degree (CCAF) in Information Systems Technology. I am now 4 classes away from obtaining my BA in Health Care Administration at Ashford University and I expected to graduate on June 6th, 2016. Once I obtain my degree I will be taking the summer off and then continuing on with my MA in the fall. I hope to retire from the Air Force in 12 years and then obtain some kind of management position (hopefully director of a facility) in the health care field.

Some other things that I am involved in besides the mentor program is that I am currently pledging to be a member of the Sigma Epsilon Kappa organization at Ashford University and also, where I currently work, I am our organizations' Booster Club Secretary.

When I am not busy with everything else that is going on in my life, I love to travel. My husband, kids and I take a trip every year. The last trip that we went on was to Disney World for our daughters birthday.