Climate Change

Alonzo Gadson/Period 4

Causes of Climate

    Our earth has a greenhouse layer that protect us from the sun. And when we use gas like carbon that means the layer of the earth gas is getting very hot, which is in turn making the Earth warmer.

Impact on Ecosystems

It can destroy the ecosystem causing all of the food webs to decrease at a fast rate. Climate change ruins a specie's food because of the change of weather. Climate change can also ruin a specie's shelter too, because when the weather changes the environment doesn't get used to different climates.


Some solutions can work, but these solutions mainly. Plugging, we need to start unplugging electric systems out of the socket because we wont don't unplug something, then we still run electricity. Less birth because if we keep having babies then we will eventually reach our earth's carrying capacity. Less transportation, when people drive vehicles, they put more gases in the air and that means more global warming. So we need to start walk or running to where we need to go or maybe take buses.


Humans are not trying to stop climate change. We are not changing anything we are doing bad to keep the earth in shape. Things like littering, having babies, limiting transportation. These are the things that is starting climate change and people still don't want to solve the problem.
Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye


Bill Nye discuses climate change and it's issues. He defines climate change and he talk about our earth's temperature rising from 1.2 to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer in a century. And from 1998 to 2014 was the hottest temperature in the recorded history. And he explains how we are causing climate change because of the things we do.