Coconut's Hair Salon

Making your hair look better than ever!

our beautician's will make your hair full with the proper care and treatments and styles that fit you!

Our styles come from the costumer's inner styles we go with what makes them look the best with approval from our costumers. We will use the best products that will make your hair full with shine and proper care techniques that make you have the best hair in town when we start the job we use garnier shampoo and a curling brush to make your hair look full. We take time with our appointments for proper care. We will make you have the best hair in town if you come to Audrey's snipping hair salon.

Find Us!

phone number:011-446-4568

Websites: facebook.hairsalon.coconutssalon
114 horse turnpike

United Kingdom (London UK)

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Pricing For coconuts hair salon

Boys and Men: gel and haircut $17 this includes a special treatment that also includes a shower for only your hair which is relaxing and affordable!

Regular Haircut for boys: $10

Women and Girls: Blow-dry and hair wash including with your finest hair cut that is affordable for anyone! $20

Special Of A lifetime:$14