Articles of the Constitution

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Article I

Lizards-Legislative Branch:

-This branch is controlled by congress

-This branch is in control of the law making that goes on Domestically

-This article is the longest out of the seven

Article II

Eat- Executive Branch:

- This branch is controlled by the president and his associates

- This branch is in charge of enforcing the laws passed into action

Article III

Jello- Judicial Branch:

- This branch is controlled by the supreme court.

- This branch is in responsible for interpreting the laws that are put into action.

Article IV

So- States Rights:

- Each state will be protected by any foreign threats invading their representation.

- This article also explains that the states should get along with one another.

- Explains that each state should have their own elected official.

Article V

Apple- Amendment process:

- States both ways to propose an amendment to be added to the Constitution.

- Also states the routes that the amendment might have to go through, in order to be approved and added into the Constitution.

- States that the President has no right to veto or approve an amendment through the process, only the fact that he has influence over the elected officials,.

Article VI

Sauce- Supremacy of the Constitution:

- This article states that all government representatives or officials are bound to the rules of the Constitution.

- Also states that no religion shall be present for the election of the public office.

Article VII

Rots- Ratification:

- Article of the Constitution that addresses ratification and declares that the constitution should take affect if 9 out of 13 states ratify.

- The Ratification of the nine states should be sufficient for the representation of the Constitution between the states, which in turn leads to ratifying the same.

Easy Way To Remember! Lizards Eat Jello So Apple Sauce Rots!!

  • Lizards-Legislative Branch
  • Eat- Executive Branch
  • Jello- Judicial Branch
  • So- States Rights
  • Apple- Amendment process
  • Sauce- Supremacy of the Constitution
  • Rots- Ratification

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