By: Brennan Hudson


In Italy there are many foods associated with them, these foods include; pasta, rice, pizza, and soups. There are also many common foods that originated in Italy like breads, pasta, and olive oil. Italy is a hot spot for many food enthusiast, this is due to techniques and foods featured here.

Get to Know The People

The people of Italy are much like those of America, they have many of the same interest in songs, the average income is similar($29,000), and the climate is similar as well. The climate in Italy is simple, it is dry and warm in the summer, and cool and rainy in the winters. Italians operate with a president as well, and they also have a Parliament. Italy has always been a very proper location, they show strong focus on education, art, and simply enjoy the finer things in life. Some famous Italians include Cole/Dylan Sprouse, Robert De Niro, and Giorgio Armani.

Come and Tour

Italy is home to gorgeous views, historical landmarks, and world renounced cuisine. Some of the hot spots for tourist are the Colosseum and the Florence Cathedral. If you are more more interested in natural landmarks climb mountains and endear the flowing ocean. Italy is known for some of Americans favorite dishes such as pizza, spaghetti, and Italin bread.