Abbett All-Star Article


You Have Earned a Long Weekend!

I know it has been a long week, but all of you did an amazing job with parent conferences! From the wonderful office staff who managed the numerous visitors, to the custodians who cleaned up after the families, we are all making a difference in the lives of our students. I heard teachers communicating individualized information to parents, praising good effort, and explaining plans in place for improvement.

I did not have the privilege to be in every teacher's classroom during parent conferences, but I was a part of several conferences for students on Tier 2 and Tier 3 or other improvement plans. So, I have to brag on Stephanie Clark! She began the conference by praising the students' efforts and giving examples of how he has improved. She seamlessly lead into specific information about his areas of growth with numerous data points and example questions. After much discussion and pertinent information was shared, Stephanie wrapped up the conference by expressing how much she adored the child and the goals she has for him during this school year. She stated, "I love him the way I want teachers to love my kids." Perfection...isn't that what we want when we attend a parent conference of our own child?

Another rock star among us is Vanessa Hernandez. She felt a need to reach out beyond the traditional sense of parent conferences. She gave the parents several choices for a different type of conference. She scheduled group time, and the students helped lead the conferences. The students set goals and helped explain this information to parents. This information and self-reflection will be powerful as the students progress through the school year. Way to think outside the box, Vanessa!

I give an A++ to all of you, Abbett All-Stars!

Just a reminder, the first PTA newsletter went out to parents this week. The PTA will be working with us to send out a newsletter each six weeks.

Why Twitter in the Elementary Classroom?

During our faculty meeting, I gave a Twitter challenge and shared the power of communicating to our stakeholders the amazing things that are going on at Abbett through the use of Twitter. Twitter can also be used as a teaching tool with the few clicks on the Ipads. Here is an article about using Twitter in the elementary classroom. I think this will open your eyes and give you ideas about educating our children beyond our classroom walls. I look forward to seeing where this takes us!

4 Day Weeks are 5 Days of Work Smushed into 4 Days!

October 12: Fair Day Holiday!

October 13: Team Leader Meeting 3:30-4:30

PTA Meeting at 7:00--Game Night--We need at lease two representatives from each team. You can bring your family!

October 14: Ralph Out AM

October 15: Betsy Out

Flu Shot Clinic 11:30-1:30

Jam the Gym for 2nd and 3rd Grade

October 16: Ralph out AM

First Pep Rally at 2:15--Details shared in a Google doc.

October 20: Staff Meeting 3:30-4:30

October 23: Betsy out AM

Abbett Movie Night 6:00-8:00