Make Your Dreams Come True

Ideas on how to finish February Strong!

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Work It Girl!

February can be a challenge, the weather often conspires against us. What is a girl to do, sit on the couch in sweats drinking wine? Tempting, but all that will get you is an extra roll around the middle and a headache. Ugh! Why not get creative as you strive to meet your goals? Here are some ideas for bringing in extra sales:

1. Do not let a Hostess cancel because of weather. If the weather is truly a factor, change your show to an online show! I mean if the are stuck at home they might as well shop! Create a cute word swag and have your Hostess send it out to her guests. Create a Facebook event and invite guests to pop online for a half an hour while you do a group hello......why not try a Zoom show? Just do not give up!

2. Call your hairstylist today and ask if you can set up in her salon on Saturday for a couple of hours during her busiest time. Drop off look books this morning, create a flyer for the salon and print off invites to leave at the front desk and at her station.

3. Schedule a trunk show! People know what they are doing a week from now and the gorgeous weather some of us are having today (60 degrees !) is enough to spark thoughts of Spring! Followed by "What the heck do I have to wear for Spring" - just what we like to hear! BTW calling 3 people will most likely not result in a show - calling 20 will! Booking is a numbers game, the more you reach out the more you will book!

4. Ask a friend in a remote location to be your test subject for an online show. Pick a date and promote through invites, mailed look books, a Facebook event with the Hostess posting pictures of herself in the jewels.....offer to make it a fundraiser for her favorite cause!

5. Open a Pop Up Shop in your living room today!!! Drop invites to your neighbors, send digital invites to friends and let them know that they can make personal shopping appointments through the end of the month. Offer champagne (sounds very luxe doesn't it). Raffle off the hostess rewards to whomever books a March show!

6. Be intentional in where you go this weekend and what you wear! I remember a stylist who would put on a white shirt and her biggest statement necklace and go to the mall, Starbucks or Krogers (yes Krogers) and book shows. She would arm herself with mini

look books and her 30 second commercial and make it happen. Go someplace swanky this weekend for a cocktail with your sweety or friends - market your business!

7. Take a few minutes and create a engraved necklace for 10 people you know, snapshot it and text it too them. Say " I was playing around with our design app, isn't this the cutest?". Need ideas outside of a monogram - try "smile" for your dentist, kids initials with the heart in between, team name ie Wildcats or #BBN for a UK get the idea, anniversary date (or engagement date) in Roman Numerals, Latitude and Longitude of home (perfect for the woman who sent her baby off the college), Latitude and Longitude of a vacation house, miles run for a many options!

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Sometimes it takes the whole tribe

As always I am here to help! Need some brainstorming to get your creative juices flowing? Give me a call, two minds are better than one!