This House Could Be Your's!!!

Price: $1.7 million

Dream Home

This is the perfect home for a wealthy couple that doesn't have kids.

What Makes This House Your Dream

This house is completed with a indoor bowling alley, indoor hot tub, ping pong table, pool table, foosball table, 60 inch TV, Backyard with BBQ, and 23 round, small, geyser fountains. The overall square footage is 1,200 square ft. and is a one story house.

Why This Location Is Great

This is a perfect location for a married couple that does not have kids. There is a mall and marketplace nearby. Not close to schools so not many kids will bother you. Near to hospital, so if anything happens to you, you can get to the hospital fast.

Floor Plan

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Important Features

1Bedroom, Bedroom= 270 square ft.

1 Bathroom= 108 square ft.

Commission is $85,000