Weekly Newsletter

Important updates and news 8/22/2021

Week Two (Fall Semester)

Dear Families, Students, Staff and Teachers,

Congratulations to completing the first week of school! I'm so proud of all the students who kept their masks on all day and tried to socially distance as much as space would allow. Your efforts are making a difference and we have one of the lowest positivity rates in the Hollywood community of schools. Keep it up!

For contact tracing - it's important that you stick to your seating charts during class and eat lunch with a consistent group. Also, if you aren't feeling well, even a little bit, stay home! Remember that the first daily pass question is about how you are feeling and you must answer that question honestly so all us can stay safe!

We completed our weekly Covid-19 testing on Wednesday 1 hour early and that is because of how organized all of you were. Thank you!

Important news, announcements and opportunities are below.


Esther Dabagyan



Important Announcements for Families & Students

  • STEM Academy's weekly Covid-19 test is Wednesdays on campus. Don't be absent!
  • Students must have parent/guardian consent to test weekly. Parent/guardian consent is given electronically on Dailypass.lausd.net through a Parent Portal account. Click HERE for directions.
  • We have the first whole-school A-STEMbly of the year this Thursday during Advisory - it is virtual!
  • The 9th Grade A-STEMbly is Tuesday during Advisory! Please go to Advisory first.
  • There is a Governing Board Meeting on Tuesday at 6PM. Click HERE to join and Click HERE to view the agenda.
  • All students and staff must show a Daily Pass QR Code to access campus each day! Learn how to get a Daily Pass by clicking here. (dailypass.lausd.net)
  • Enter campus through the gate on Wilton Street at 7:30 AM and prepared to show your Daily Pass QR code!
  • Everyone must wear a mask and keep it on when on campus! Masks can only be removed when eating or drinking. Eating must take place outdoors!
  • Check out the bell schedule for next year HERE
  • Are you Vaccinated? Upload your vaccine information to dailypass.lausd.net To get a vaccine call to make an appointment 213-202-7590.
  • If you are planning to be on campus, you must get a Daily Pass! Click HERE for directions.
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Not Getting Phone and Text Notifications?

Parents and employees can choose to Opt back into receiving Outreach (general) messages by calling (855) 502-7867 for any phone number that was previously Opted-Out.

You can also sign up for Parent Portal and get notifications on the Schoology App!


We are here to help! Call 323-817-6461 M-F 8-4PM

News for Teachers

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Announcements & Reminders for Teachers & Staff

  • Please make sure you have created seating charts that are accurate! Pod your students!
  • Help us with contact tracing by sharing your seating charts with the office. Upload them HERE (LAUSD account login required).
  • Upload your vaccination record to dailypass.net by October 10th! It is now mandatory for all LAUSD employees and LAUSD contractors/partners.
  • Complete your Covid-19 Safe and Healthy Workplace training on MyPLN
  • Complete your Textbook (William's) Sufficiency form on the Teacher's Portal.
  • Week 2 Thematic Activities for Wellbeing! Click HERE
  • Week 2 Community Building Activities! Click HERE
  • ALWAYS check in at the STEM office first thing in the morning with your Daily Pass! Review the Daily Pass guide by clicking here.
  • There is a Governing Board Meeting on Tuesday at 6PM. Click HERE to join and Click HERE to view the agenda. All Pilot Committees must send one representative with an update.
  • Take a look at our Reopening Guide for important information and pin it! I will update it as new information is available.
  • If Schoology is ever down, use Black Board Connect (BBC) to communicate with your students (if you don't have Remind 101). The BBC guide is below.