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  • Friday, April 4: Field Trip to Kid Senses! See more details on the Field Trips page.
  • Saturday, April 5: SPRING CLEAN-UP DAY at MDS
  • Wednesday, April 30: Field Trip to Catawba Science Center! See more details on the field trips page.
  • April 18-27: Spring Break!
  • Wednesday, May 7: Furs, Feathers, and Fins! Field Trip to Petco in Hickory. See details on the field trips page.
  • Friday. May 23: NC Zoo Trip! Please see the field trip page to signup to drive and to choose your bagged lunch.
  • If you would like to walk to library with us on Wednesdays, please see the sign up onSignup Genius. A few of the slots may be vacation days, so please check the date. BOOKS ARE DUE BACK TO SCHOOL EACH WEDNESDAY IN ORDER TO CHECK OUT NEW BOOKS. Thank you!

Unit of Inquiry: Give Me Five! Who We Are

This week we are learning about our sense of sight and beginning our summative project. We will be learning about light, our eyes, blindness, and how other senses become so important when we lose a sense. We will have a 5 Senses party to celebrate the end of our unit, where we use all of our senses to enjoy special treats!

Our central idea and lines of inquiry are on our Units of Inquiry page.

Scholastic Book Orders

Please visit the scholastic reading club sight to order books of all kinds for your kiddos! If you enter this code when you order you will earn free books for our school and classroom: H2VCL

You can order from any magazine. Here is the sight: Scholastic Reading Club. Enter the code beside "Parents." Happy reading!

Reading and Language

This week we are continuing to work on our sense of story project. Wow, the Kinders have blown me away with their stories! We have been learning about rough drafts, revising, editing, and publishing. They have been working hard to get their stories ready to publish. This week we will start working on our videos using the MyCreate app. This should be interesting!

Our letter will for this week is "Jj." We will practice both upper and lowercase. Any extra practice at home would be helpful!

This week many of the kiddos will be reviewing word sorts from last week or previous weeks. I noticed this week that the most kiddos had a tough time on their spelling tests or just in general with certain spelling patterns. Many of them are making tricky transitions, so I want to make sure they have plenty of practice! I will resend the sorts for home. You can check the Words Their Way page to find homework activities. Please make sure your child spends time on the sort at least a couple of times during the week. Thank you for your support with this!

Please take the time for reading log each night. There are some tips for reading with your Kinder on our Home Projects page.

Everyday Math

This week in math we will be learning more about place value by counting 10's and 1's, learn about different ways we can get to a number (4+1=5 and 3+2=5), writing numbers to 100 and beyond using number scrolls, and learn how to decade count.