by Matthew and grace

where is Antarctica

Antarctica is found in the South Pole. Antarctica is one of the coldest places in the world. There are lots of scientists who go to see Antarctica and do experiments.

animals in antarctica

There are a lot of animals in Antarctica. There are penguins, whales, seals and krill and lots of other animals.

ice in antarctica

The ice forms in cold ocean waters. Huge chunks of ice that break off into the the ocean are called icebergs, when icebergs move to warmer water they melt.

How big is antarctica

Did you know Antarctica is 14 million square kilometres.

Why is antartica cold

Antartica is so cold because it is far away from the equator.

Journal entry - January 20th 2013

Dear diary,

last year when I went to Antarctica I saw all the animals and ice. The season was winter and it was very old. I enjoyed my journey to Antarctica.