By Anne Schaff

Book Review by Giovanni Torres

David and Paul two brothers that were foster kids. They had a very bad past there mother did not take care of them. When David was 19 years old he went to prison. Would you think that any one would care if you got out? David thought that no one would look at him like they used too.

David thought that there was going to be nothing. But his kid brother showed him other wise. When David got out he looked for a job but it took many tries to get one. He and some where to live, because Paul had him a apartment so he could stay there.

David got a job at the council. There was one problem were a mother could not find her daughter so David a convict helped no one was expecting him to help. He put up sings. He was the only one that went out of his way to look for the kid.

Anne Shraff

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