CBA OAKS News Update

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Unbeknownst to us, one of our students pulled the fire pull station in the gymnasium right before dismissal time today. The sirens blared and, as we have practiced time and again, the entire student body and staff evacuated the building. Yes, it is February and our students were without coats and in the rain. Fortunately the buses were right there in which to take refuge! The Fire Marshall came and declared us safe to re-enter, identifying the pull station that set off the alarm. As it turns out, there was NOT a fire and everyone was safe!

We are sending parents this message so they understand what happened today.

We are also asking your support imparting a lesson for each of our children. The red pull stations are off limits to our students.... however, students are encouraged to do their part in making the adult in charge aware of any questions or concerns they may have so those in charge can help them make good, safe choices. Parents, teachers and staff are here to answer all questions so others are not unnecessarily put at risk.

Thank you and have a relaxing evening!