Monday, May 13th

Enrichment Classes

Hi Students-

For enrichment Monday, May 13th I am providing you with two
wonderful choices. You may choose to do one or both sessions. I will

have the recorded link in the announcement area of my Collaborate room
posted by Monday morning for your viewing pleasures.

The first choice for class is a new topic titled Grand
Canyon / Paul Bunyan.
It compares nonfiction text to fiction
text. There is a short recording to watch and then an online interactive

The second choice is a continuation from the past two
Students have been learning about planning a healthy, balanced
meal. They have been working in groups and started planning their
meal. They may continue working with the meal that they created or start
over with a new idea. Please follow these directions to complete the

Students should create a healthy, balanced meal that includes all the food groups according to the plate design that we discussed. Students should begin by deciding on breakfast or dinner. Then choose an ethnic / cultural theme. Some of the choices that we discussed in class were American Fare, Japanese, Mexican and Italian.

Next, decide how you want to present this delicious
meal. Will you draw the meal with colored pencils or paint it and then
scan it to me or share on the web camera? We you make the meal 3D
with play dough? Will you use Google Images and create a PowerPoint Slide or
Glogster? Will use cut pictures from a magazine and glue onto paper? The
choices are endless and you have my permission to be CREATIVE.

Lastly, I then want you to write a few sentences
explaining why you chose breakfast or dinner. Explain why you chose the
theme you did and write what food goes into which food category. We
will share these in class on May 20th during the 8:30 session. If we have
many to share I will also schedule time at 10:30. Let's see how many projects
are turned in first.

Thank You

Happy Mother's Day

Ms. Ansel