Queen Elizabeth 1

Queen of England-Queen Elizabeth

Being the Queen

Elizabeth Tudor is considered to be the greatest monarch in history. She became in 1558, she was twenty-five years old. She was the third queen to rule England. She ruled almost half a century. She rules for 44 years.

About life

She died in march 24,1603 at Richmond palace in surrey. Her parents were Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was born September 7, 1533. Her sister Mary was a mass murder, and got the name "bloody Mary" because she executed her cousin Lady Jane Grey. Her religion was Anglicanism. Anglicanism is a type of Christianity. She used to play the lute, dance and watch plays.Artists also honored Elizabeth by painting her portrait.
Artists also honored Elizabeth by painting her portrait. These images reveal that she was an early fashionista in many ways. She loved beautiful clothing and jewelry. Her garments were often made with gold and silver. With the help of makeup, Elizabeth cultivated a dramatically pale look. Unfortunately, her cosmetic concoction, called the spirits of Saturn, was made by mixing white lead and vinegar, which may have impacted her health


What She Looked Like

  • A fluffy thing around her neck area
  • she had red hair
  • she had a pale face
  • she always wore a dress
  • crown
  • lots of jewelry
  • fluffy dresses

Connection To Today

The portraits people made of her are still in museums today.Her sister is known for the game "bloody Mary" her sharp wits and clever mind helped navigate the nation through religious and political challenges. Sometimes referred to as the Golden Age, the arts had a chance to blossom with Elizabeth's support.