The American Revolution

By:Solomon Foster

Boston Tea Party by: Samuel Adams

I disagree with the British about the Tea Act. I believe that the British should not tax the colonists and I don't like that only the East India Company is selling the tea. We protested by not selling tea in local shops. The colonists and I decided that we didn't want the tea to be unloaded from the ships, so we disguised ourselves like Loyalists and threw all of overboard.

Boston Tea Party by: Thomas Hutchinson

We were happy to tax the colonist to make enough money to rebuild our colony. We wanted the tea to be unloaded from our ships and sold in the colonies but the U.S. colonists disagreed with us. They threw all of our tea overboard and that made us mad!!

The Declaration of Independence

Outlines our Right & Freedoms from Great Britain.

The Colonies Spoke to Protest.

We believed that the bras-tin should not tax the Colonies and we did not like the East India company selling it.

Trouble Taxs

I made a decision to tax the colonies and to pay there debt and i made a them to pay a lot of money. And we made them to repay there debt. And we made them trade their land. And we made them pay fee's