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Up Coming Events

Spirit Day and Treat Cart- December 4th

Holiday Store- Monday December 7th- December 11th

On Friday wear school colors for Spirit Day!

If I was making Thanksgiving dinner...

I hope you all had a great break, incase you didn't get a chance to view the video here it is!

I had the students write about if they were making Thanksgiving dinner what would they make. Below is the video to watch of them sharing their Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the students were wearing green so that is why they look like part of the background.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Adding Two Digit Numbers

Our current math unit is still adding two digit by two digit numbers. We will be working on this unit all week, they will have homework Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Test is planned for next Tuesday, December 8th.

Story of the Week

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Story Concepts

  • Compare and Contrast
  • Summarizing


High Frequency Words

  • been
  • finally
  • whatever
  • believe
  • today
  • caught
  • tomorrow

Amazing Words

  • consume
  • shrewd
  • gloat
  • contentment
  • incident
  • prey
  • boast
  • snicker
  • cure

Grammar Skill- Verbs for Past, Present, and Future

Verbs are used to show actions of a noun.

  • Past tense verbs often have an –ed added to the end.
  • Present tense verbs, often have an –s added
  • Future tense verbs often are preceded by will.

Phonics List- Compound Words

This week we are going to be studying compound words. We will make out phonics list will be sent home on Tuesday! Below is a link to a website called Spelling City, that can help your child practice their phonics list by using a computer, tablet, or phone. You can download the app for free!

Social Studies

This week we will be continuing our Social Studies Unit discussing U.S. Symbols. We discuss the importance of the Star-Spangled Banner, Pledge of Allegiance, and the Pledge of Allegiance. I am planning to finish up this unit and testing next Thursday or Friday. I will create a google doc that you can use to help your student study for the test.
White House - Fun Fact Series EP28 | Mocomi Kids

If you student wants to view the Statue of Liberty live again!


There will be math homework Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evening. Be sure to practice phonics list nightly and share the joy of reading with your child by reading with them!

Have a great week!