The Holocaust

By: Brayden Marciano

How did the camp life change the prisoners as a person? Family? And relationship with other people?

It changed the life of the prisoners cause they learned that it wasn't going to be easy and that they wouldn't be able to be with their family and they had to learn to just tough it out because they didn't get a lot of food.

What are three themes in this novel?

  1. That the people still always have hope.
  2. That they always believe in their faith and they still remember there family.
  3. That they always keep their gifts that their family gave them even they will do anything to keep it to remind them of a gift that they got from their family.

What does the novel reveal about me as a human being?

It reveals about me that I get a easy life and and that I do not have to go through much suffering as them and that I have more freedom and opportunity to do new stuff.
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