Road to perseverance

By Sam Palmer


I define perseverance as pushing through the obstacles and fighting back when your put in the face of adversity. Many successful people have done that such as Derrick Rose, Jackie Robinson, and Tom Monaghan.

Derrick Rose's obstacles in order to succeed.

Derrick Rose grew up in englewood Chicago, a bad town. Since he grew up in a bad town he played basketball to stay out of drugs and gangs. His mom was very strict and set curfews and made sure he was staying out of trouble. He was also raised without a father. Because of this his brothers mentored him by making sure he had good grades and wasn't messing around in basketball.

tom monaghans road to success

While in college Tom and his brother opened a pizza store off $900 named DomiNicks. After a lawsuit he was forced to change the name to Domino's. Tom sold his Volkswagen beetle for his brothers half of the business. Tom changed the boxes my making able to stack and able to keep the pizzas warm longer. Toms company finally took off in the mid 1980s and there were nearly 3 new Domino's opening a day.

Jackie robinson description

Jackie Robinson was born january 31, 1919. Jackie robinson attended ucla and was the first african american to play in major league baseball. He helped the dodgers to 6 pennants and 1 world series win. Jackie Robinson was inducted into the hall of fame in 1962. He had a .311 batting average with the dodgers. He went to 6 world series and won one.
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Learning from others

Overall i believe you can use other peoples successes to shape yours. If you look at many successful people they all have some characteristics similar such as dedication, commitment, motivation, and resilience. If Winstone Churchill or Jackie Robinson can succeed and persevere why cant anyone else? Using other peoples examples get you off in a good direction but after that its up to you and how bad you want to persevere.