Elevators for Sale!

Going upstairs has never been easier!

ONLY $300 ?!?!

For the low cost of $300, Otis will build, deliver, and install all elevators!

Elisha Otis patented elevator design

From Yonkers, New York: Otis has made changes to the elevator and patented his new design!

The New "Safety Hoister"

Each Elevator consists of:

  • A platform between two posts to be lifted by a rope
  • Posts with a rack to catch the pawl during a fall
  • Pawls along with the rack to prevent elevator from falling down the elevator shaft

(A pawl is a curved bar that connects with the teeth on a cogwheel and directs movement in one direction.)

Lifting the World Up

Office buildings standing 10 to 20 stories high would not be possible if it weren't for Otis's invention!

Undeniably Amazing

To prove the ability of his elevator, at the American Institute Fair in NYC:

  • Otis was lifted 30 feet into the air
  • An employee cut the hoist rope to the elevator
  • Otis remained stationary in the elevator

Elisha Graves Otis

A man who's impact on the world will never be forgotten!

(8/ 3/ 1811- 4/ 8/ 1861)


In the order in which they appear:

  1. Elisha Otis's Elevator Patent Drawing by an unknown author. Image is available for use in the public domain.
  2. Cluster of skyscrapers, New York, New York by an unnamed author under no restrictions from Detroit publishing company.
  3. Otis by Thewizardcc. Image is available for use in the public domain.