Indian Creek Pre-K News

June 1-June 5


It is hard to believe this is our last news letter. The year has gone by so quickly. We can not thank all of you for your on going support this year. It has been outstanding. Many of you have showered us with gifts though out the year. The best gift you gave us was the opportunity to work and see your children grow. As pre-kindergarten teachers we are just the planters of the seeds of knowledge. You, as parents are the farmers. You will have to nurture and care for these young learning sprouts. We wish our 4 year old class the very best as they move on to kindergarten. We look forward to having our 3 year old friends back next year as the leaders of our classes. Once again THANK YOU!

Dates to Remember

  • June 2nd End of Year Party
AM PARTY is at 9:50 AM

PM PARTY is at 1:50 AM

  • June 3rd- Last story time with Ms. Russell

  • June 4th is a full school day
  • June 5th Early Release and Last Day of School

AM GROUP 7:20- 9:50

PM GROUP 10:30-12:30

Please be on time. We are actually have a lot of work and meetings going on. Thanks!

What we are learning

Language: Children will be doing a letter review. We will continue playing the game Make It, Break It. In this game we will say a word like "fox" then we will break it a part. We will say the first sound and leave the rest of the word in tact- /f/-ox. We are verbally teaching blending of words. Will review rhyming and segmenting words. This becomes a skill as we head toward reading. We are making a portfolio of written work.

Math: Your child will be able rote counting to 30 (4 year olds) and rote count to 10 (3 year olds) and we will be reviewing all our basic math skills.

Social Studies: Your child will be actively discussing safety. We will start with safety sign, discuss bike safety, fire safety, how to call for help via 911, water safety and how to wear a life vest. We have the Carrollton Fire Department scheduled to come and speak to us this week about fire safety.

Science:Your child will reviewing how to be safe at home.

Potato Harvest

You may have heard your child speaking about a French Fry Bucket on the play ground. During our plant unit back in April we planted some red potatoes. This last week we harvested the potatoes. The morning group had 28 good sized potatoes and the afternoon had 35 good sized potatoes. I did get a scale and weigh the potatoes- it was just over 4 lbs.

After speaking to Ms. Pizano in the cafe-she gave me a great potato recipe to share with our students. We shared seasoned potatoes today in school. Home grown and yummy.

Warm Weather Clothes

We are asking that your do not send your child to school in flip flops, sandals or open toed shoes. They need to be able to run and play on the playground. The best shoes are tennis shoes or cross trainers. We would also like you to check your child's backpack to make sure their extra clothes are warm weather appropriate. Please make sure to send your child's back pack daily. We are noticing some students are not bring their backpacks.

We still have spills and accidents so we need to have you provide those extra clothes for those unfortunate events. The nurse is out of clothing and undergarments for the PK students.


Please send backpacks everyday. It is that time of year where we will be sending things home and we need your child's backpack to be here.


It is a this time of year where students get a little rambunctious. We see our four year olds seeing that they have mastered the skills of pre-k and are not as motivated to work. Our three year olds are following suit by modeling the older students. We are still in school to learn. We are going to be doing a lot of fun things but we still must follow our classroom rules. Please remind your child to keep hands to themselves, listen to the teachers, be kind and gentle and follow the rules.

Regular Reminders


Morning Session: ARRIVAL 7:20AM DEPARTURE 10:50AM

Afternoon Session: ARRIVAL 11:40 AM DEPARTURE 2:50 PM.

* Student arriving late will have to check in through the office. Please pick your child/children up on time as we have meetings and other district required responsibilities between classes.

Use our U-shaped drive way by the Pre-k door. With children present – PLEASE SLOW DOWN, SINGLE LINE and NO U-TURNS. We will try to get you in and out as soon as possible. Our key concern is SAFETY.


This list is for students that are returning to Indian Creek for Pre-Kindergarten in the Fall.

Quanity Description

1 Elmer's 4 oz. White School Glue-washable

4 Elmer's Small .21 oz washable glue stick

2 Crayola Crayons 24 count

1 Crayola Washable Thick Classic Markers 12 ct

1 Crayola Washable water color paints 8 ct

2 Plastic Pocket Folders with Brads -BLUE COLORED

2 Facial Tissue 100 ct

2 Paper Towels

2 Disinfecting Wipes 35 ct. -NOT FOR SKIN

1 12 x 18 bright white 50 ct construction paper

3 12 x 18 50 ct assorted color construction paper

1 12 x 18 50 ct manila drawing paper

2 EXPO black chisel tip white board marker

1 Waterless Hand Sanitizer with Pump 8 oz

1 Play dough 4 pk four colors 5 oz cans

1 Box of recloseable plastic bags Gallon Size

1 Box of recloseable plastic bags Quart Size

1 Box of recloseable plastic bags Sandwich Size

1 Baby wipes soft pack 80 ct

1 Paper lunch sack #4 25 ct

1 25 ct of 9 inch white paper plates

FULL SIZED BACKPACK please make sure it is not an infant/toddle backpack or a rolling backpack. It needs to be big enough for a standard lunch box, extra set of clothes, a plastic folder and library books.

Teachers may send out a secondary list of items once school has started. We will be asking for other items through out the year.

Student going to full day Pre-Kindergarten will need to have a nap mat. We will discuss options at our meet the teacher night in the Fall.

Student going on to Kindergarten -those lists will be available through the office at school or on the school's website.

Keep Practicing

Phonics Song

Shape Walk

Counting 1 to 30

Geraldine the Giraffe

You can also find a lot of good activities on Pinterest. Just use their search bar -type in preschool activities.

Read Read Read over the summer! Carrollton Public Library on Josey and Hebron has a Story Time for 3-6 year olds on Wednesday at 11:15

Please go and check out books and read to your child. It is a very important and valuable time to share with your child.