Social Media Sites

Should Social Media Sites Be Banned For Kids?

what are social media sites

The definitions of social media site - Bookmarking and community sites where in users can share links of any thing that has interested them most . Some people say social media sites are a good for thing for kids to have because they can communicate and stay in touch with relatives . On the other hand social media sites do more harm than good.

Faking Your Age

  • Facebook requirement to join is 13 years old. When under 13 children fake their age, in 5 years when Facebook thinks they are 18 many of their privacy settings automatically change.
  • Children often don´t know how to filter out friend requests from adults
  • Children are also more likely to share their personal information like phone numbers and addresses
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Social media Sites take a way to much of kids time

  • Kids age 8 to 18 average to 6 hours plus a day more than other activities a day
  • Kids that sit there on computer longer than 6 hours a day have a 64% in crease of heart diseases
  • Kids that do not exerciser and do not eat right will gain weight

Cyber bulling

  • 81% percent of people think that cyber bulling is caused by Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, snap chat, vine, and Skype .Some people think that theses social media sites are harmless but Facebook is number on causes for cyber bulling
  • About 75% of students that have went on a website they seen other students bashing other people
  • 90% of teens who have seen social media sites bullies have ignored it and 84% of them have told them to stop
Cyber Bullying Virus
Cyber Bullying