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Hello I'm Deshanaye Edelen.

Hello I'm Deshanaye and the topic I'm writing about today is Healthy/Unhealthy snacks. The reason why i chose this topic is because i think if some people eat more healthier they would feel better about themselves. About myself I'm Nice, Im Goofy, Im Quiet, Im Mean, I don't talk to many people, I love Purple and some more stuff not gone write a story.
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In this smore I'm writing about...

In this blog I'm going to write about unhealthy and healthy snacks. The reason why i chose healthy and unhealthy snacks because i hate seeing people thats over weight get made fun of by an super skinny person i think that's really uncool and mean and then it makes the bigger people feel bad about themselves.

healthy/unhealthy eating


WHY ARE THESE SNACKS IMPORTANT? These snacks are important because sometimes its hard to eat healthy all the time and I'm not saying eat healthy 24/7 because everyone needs a little junk food in their life but not to much of it, because when you eat to much of it, it starts becoming addicting and you turn into something you never would dream of happening to you.


Would you rather stay healthy and eat fruits and vegetables and stay your shape and have your heart healthy and don't have to get any surgeries, or would you rather eat unhealthy and eat all kinds of junk food everyday and then become obese and can't do anything but lay around in your filth and in a broken bed.


When you eat healthy you stay your shape.

Exercising is easy.

You can fit into any kind of clothes you buy.

You don't have to be ashamed to leave the house because people would be making fun of you.


When you eat unhealthy all the time it causes...

Heart Disease



No clothes

Exercising will be hard for you if you tried.

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When you eat healthy

When you eat healthy foods it makes you feel good about your shape and size, when you eat healthy it keeps your heart in shape, also when you eat good you don't have to worry about you becoming over weight or obese. Eating healthy is good for you because you don't have to worry about becoming over weight, you don't have to worry about nobody laughing at you because of your size eating healthy will leave you a very happy person.
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Make sure you remember to drink plenty of water so that your body don't get dehydrated, because if you get dehydrated you might pass out for awhile.