Athlete or Cheater

Are you going to be known as a great athlete or a cheater


Many people think using steroids an easy way to gain muscle mass but it is not. Using steroids is an unwise decision because there are lots of negative health effects that a person can expiernce, they are are banned in sports and they are illegle.


health effects

Former boxer Bob Hazelton lost both legs because of steroid use. (pg.40) That’s just one of the many health effects. Some other effects are weight gain, hair loss, and water retention. Water retention puts a strain on the heart. (pg. 38)


Sport bans are another reason why you shouldn’t do steroids. (pg.22) All professional and collegiate sports ban the use of steroids. In 1993 six percent of men and 1.4 percent of women who went to the gym where using steroids.(pg.14)

legal issues

Legal issues are yet another reason why steroids are not a good choice. They are illegal drugs that you can go to jail for using.(pg.40) Players on any level face punishments such as suspension or bans. Barry Bones lost all of his homeruns due to steroids. More than 80 people have federal crimes because of steroids.


You should not do steroids because you can get sport banns, seriously hurt, and the fact that they are illegal. If you are going to use steroids think twice and don’t say I didn’t warn you!