Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

October 15, 2012

Dewberry Farm Field Trip $ Due

I have placed an envelope in your child's folder if the field trip money has not been sent in yet. Please enclose the $10 and return it on Monday. We have to have the money early enough to process the purchase order. As of right now, only 4 students have paid.

Parents, if you are planning on attending, please let me know. You will purchase your ticket at the gate when you arrive. The cost will be $6.00.

Fun Friday

Today we relaxed a bit. We have read The Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly all week. We are working on sequencing. The children made an old lady today and have the pieces to retell you the story this weekend. Encorage them to use the words from the book. We read it as cried instead of died. Just in case your version is different. Next week we are going to read several versions of the same story. My favorite is The Old Teacher!

The children are really reluctant about reading and writing. They do not seem to feel confident in what they are able to do. I am trying to encourage them to do what they can and if it is their best it is all I can ask for, or ever want! Today we watched Leap Frog Talking Word Factory as a model of how letters go together to make words. (The Leap Frog videos are great for learning letters and sounds.)

We also celebrated Madeleine's birthday with yummy cupcakes before recess!

Homework Bags

We talked a little about the homework bags today. The children were excited to tell me where their bag is hanging. The Blue book is in your child's folder today. Please have them put it in the bag to practice. The children know the song well. What I am trying to model is that we move our finger each time we say a word. We start at the top, read across, drop and swoop. When we run out of words, we stop, turn the page, and then keep reading.

This week we worked on the Frog Jump Letters. These are capital letters that start with a big line down and then you pick up your pencil and jump to the top. These letters include: B D E F M N P R. Please help your child practice writing and identifying the letters. One way to practice is for you to write the lower case and have them identify it and write the capital with it. Each time they write the letter have them say its name.

Math Time

Every year teachers are observed by administration as part of our professional development. Yesterday I was observed during math. I was very proud of the children. We were so involved that she was in the room sitting down before we noticed her. The children were able to explain their math stations and worked very well on their tasks.

In math we are working on length. Using language such as longer, shorter, and the same in describing the length of different objects. They children are doing very well. We are also discussing ordinal numbers 1st through 6th. Our number necklaces allows us to review the digits as well as talk about the language.

Show and Tell

The children are really itching to bring things in to share with the class. The science related things are easy to share during science time because they connect to the subject. To give the children a chance to share and connecting it to the curriculum, I am going to send home Mystery Bags next week. Have your child put something in the bag (it must fit) that they want to share with the class. They are to keep it secret. Have your child tell you 3 clues that describe the object and write it on the paper provided. This is a good oppourtnity for you to discuss comparison words with your child. Some examples are: longer/shorter than (a familiar object) or heavier/lighter than (a familiar object). We will share the Mystery Bags next week. I will read the clues and see if the clues help to figure out what is in the bag. Please do not allow your child to bring anything with a weapon.

Upcoming Events

It is going to be an off schedule week!

I have morning assembly duty in the morning all week.

Monday we have a ventriliquist performance in the morning and library after recess.

Tuesday we have our counselor lesson in the morning.

Thursday is the awards assembly in the cafeteria at 8:30.

TPRI testing window is next week. (Individual assessments on reading skills and comprehension.)

As you can see, it is going to be a strange week!