Romanian Revolution

By: Blake Gonzalez


  • The capital of Romania Is Bucharest
  • With almost 2 million residents, Bucharest is one of Europe's largest cities.
  • An earthquake devastated Bucharest in 1977 that killed more than 1,500 people.

  • Thousands of people held antigovernment protests at Bucharest

  • High rank government officials live in Bucharest

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Start Of the Protesting

  • Nikolae Ceausescu a dictator of Romania wanted to increase his countries population.
  • Nikolae ordered families to have as many babies they could but this resulted in the. families not being able to afford all the children so many children ended up in orphanages.

  • Ceausescu's policies ruined Romania's Economy.

  • The civilians of Romania grew furious with Nikolae and the government and held many protests against the government.


  • There were 1,104 accounted for deaths because of the civil unrest in Romania.
  • The civilians of Romania wanted a more free government so they held protests hoping that the government would realize the want more freedom and grant them more freedom.
  • Government security forces acted against the protests for more freedom by firing upon them and killing hundreds of people.
  • More people decided they would give there life for freedom, and started many more anti-government protests.
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Effects of the protests

  • Romania's Dictator Nikolae and his wife fled the city of Bucharest because the protests got so out of hand.
  • They were caught by the armed forces and tried in government and they were executed by firing squads.
  • After Nikolae's death Romania was ruled by a 145 member national Salvation front for a short period of time.
  • Romania started to give people more rights after the Dictatorship of Nikolae Ceausescu.

The protesters demonstrating for their beliefs

  • The civilians of Romania wanted the government to realize there restrictions were too much for them.
  • Thousands of people showed for all the civilians of Romania by protesting against the government which is what all the civilians wanted.
  • They made the government realize that there laws were too much for the civilians and that the civilians needed more freedom.
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