Internet Safety

Taylor Jones

Keep your personal information Top Secret

Don't share your full name, address, where you live or your school. Don't even share your passwords to your friends.

be careful who you trust online

Don't follow people you don't know or that you haven't met in person. You can't trust them. they might not be who they say they are online.

Know your privacy settings and be careful who you friend

Be sure your privacy settings are set to private and only friends can see it. Be sure you know who your following too.

Protect your passwords never share your passwords use strong passwords

make passwords that are easy to remember but hard to guess. NEVER share your passwords not even with your friends.

Know and Avoid internet scams and schemes

Don't fall for these scams and schemes. Don't click on pop ups

Think before you post

is it true, is it hurtful, is it illegal, is it necessary, is it kind

is it something you really want people to see