Tattoo and Piercing Hazards

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Dear Tattoo Advisor,

My name is Johnny and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I have been having problems with finding a good tattoo place. I could use some tips on finding a good place to go to. If you have any advice on where to go, and what I could look at to determine if it's a good place, could you tell me?

Answer to Your Questions

Dear Johnny,

Yes, I can help you with your problems with finding a good place to go to for getting a tattoo or piecing. There are quite a few guidelines you might want to follow. You may be a clean freak or not, but either way you should determine if it looks clean overall. When going to look for a tattoo place, you should probably look online for reviews just in case. When you go inside, you should look around and see if the place looks generally clean. You can ask the tattoo artist if you can watch him/her get the needles out and the equipment if you are that scared.

You should also make sure the artist is going to put something like alcohol on the spot that you want the tattoo. You can ask him if he washed their hands before hand. If they use a used needle or something, tell them to stop, or just leave immediately

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