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And sodium in the eyes of the Dutch education minister disappointing PISA results of Dutch students, she announced plans for a mandatory final test for each elementary school, a mandatory mid-button halfway secondary education (compulsory exam exists) and a greater limitation to the core courses (Dutch, English, mathematics and science subjects) in the first stage of secondary education. A higher level of ambition is inevitable, the minister said in an interview with De (December 7 2010), You see, even now PISA again, that the countries in the Far East overtake us. We have become too comfortable in Europe, including the Netherlands. I would not be. Reeds ssc results 2004 on the remarkable and difficult to understand phenomenon that countries with a different culture, a different tradition of educational reform and a different level of economic development, all grasping at almost the same resources to refresh the teaching.
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Questions or certain developments tailored to national educational context, hardly asked. New Public Management We see the last decades in the education of many countries the influence of neo liberal management philosophy, the so-called New Public Management. Central values in this New Public Management are results, increased efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service and customer orientation. The government divides the policy (the 'what') and it's implementing (how) in accordance with ssc results the slogan that the government should not row but to send. Key features of this management philosophy include: emphasis on output-oriented management at the expense of steering input and processes; focus on measuring results; introduction in the public sector market incentives and more influence for the customers of services through demand (Polling, 1993, Drum, 2006).
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The situation in the Netherlands Although the Netherlands has a highly decentralized education compared to many other countries, we can clearly recognize the influence of the New Public Management in the government of the end decades. First, the educational institutions were given more autonomy in certain areas, particularly on ssc results personnel and financial matters. Alternatively, the grip of government on the content of education became stronger, for instance by introducing core objectives and by a stringent inspection supervision, and the focus on higher yields is in particular literacy and numeracy performance and test it more and more, for instance by the planned introduction of reference levels, a mandatory final test in primary and faster closing failing inter exam results schools. Through the inspection results are measured and evaluated and can be sent on the results. Also, implies increased responsibility and increased autonomy in personnel and financial area schools increasingly coming into a market position relative to each other.
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The announced performance pay and assigning a predicate 'outstanding school' will fuel the competition between schools and ssc results thus improve performance, so expect at least policymakers in the Netherlands. The Flemish situation also Flemish schools have a large degree of autonomy. However, unlike several neighboring Flanders has no central examinations. Or take in the debate and the policy regarding the quality of education, the importance of external control and output measurement. The importance of goals and inter exam results development goals adopted as a guiding mechanism, and the role of the inspectorate has grown.
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Thus, until ssc results 2008 the context, input and process variables primarily used to qualify the output variables. In the current inspection policy, these output variables no longer relative but absolute. There is now also talk of active (rather than passive) public (via a website) of inspection (Van hoof& Van inter exam results Pete gem, 2011). Hagar yields on core subjects, passing through central keys accountability for ssc results those revenues and introduce market incentives in the education are also typical for education as was seen in the past decade in the United States.