Natalie's Open House Science Smore

Earthquakes PBL

In this project, me and my group (Estella Knobbe, Shalini Aggarwal, Natalie Ho, and myself) created a blueprint and model of an earthquake-proof house for Tony Stark, as well as a wikiproject about the finished project and building process. We placed the house in San Diego since there are not too many earthquakes. In researching this project, we learned about earthquakes, how to make things safer in earthquakes, earthquake safety, and about structural engineers. We used popsicle sticks to balance the weight out, and the second story was smaller so it would be balanced. We also used string to help keep it standing. The essential question that we tried to answer by doing this project was: "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?"

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

In this project, we learned a lot about the atmosphere, climate change, greenhouse effect, and global warming. We created a video in 30 Hands using collages from Pic Collage talking about how global warming impacts the Earth, activities that add to the greenhouse effect, emissions caused by humans, and other things too. It was fun to make the Pic Collages look cool, and it was kind of fun to try 30 Hands for the first time.

Invention Convention

Together, me and Melody Chien created an innovation of the lamp. It is solar powered, has a clock, and a place to plug in a mobile device to play music. The sun hits the solar panel, which then powers the lamp and clock. It was required to have been built out of trash, incorporate at least one of the three r's, and had to use a renewable energy source. We learned about renewable resources, nonrenewable resources, the three r's, and about some environmental problems. Our environmental problem was that fossil fuels are being burned up quickly, causing pollution. The solar lamp solves that problem by using a renewable resource, and the fossil fuels that would normally be burned are not.

Favorite Subject, Lab, or Project

My favorite project was the Tony Stark PBL project because it was fun to do and the things we learned were very interesting.